starting to breathe again. 




got to see one of my favorite bands again tonight at austin city limits. put some color back in a world that’s been pretty grey for me lately.

- colin


i used to hear the melody of falling in my head every time i saw the face of this one person in my life... even before i had wrote it. one day i was able to decipher it and capture it forever, even if we may never capture our forever in the end.

surf is coming soon.

- colin


all i have is all i’ve lost

- colin



“the world will break your heart ten ways to sunday... that's guaranteed. I can't begin to explain that, or the craziness inside myself and everyone else... but maybe these sundays will become my favorite days again.”

- colin


"expect sadness like you expect the rain… both, cleanse you"

- colin


this silence is deafening  

- colin




- colin


to all the waves that come and go. to all that is washed away. to all that is washed up and found. to acknowledging the bigger picture. to looking up from these screens. to all the sand castles we created. to all of our kid kingdoms. to all of the footprints we left on the shore. may we never stop running. may we never grow up. may we never stop pretending... surf… soon.

- colin


ever since i came back to texas i can't stop creating. it's like the seattle sessions activated something within me.

- colin


on the way back to the seattle airport right now listening to some of the demos we recorded this weekend. i think we're really onto something. we can all feel it.

- colin



day two in seattle... forrest and i have been recording all day on the water finding melodies that we could never have imagined. the air is so different out here...

- colin


on a flight right now to seattle. a friend of mine who i used to make music with, forrest, decided to join the band, so we're going to record for the album the whole weekend in the houseboat he lives in. excited for what the future holds.

- colin


the blinds are starting to close on summer...we're working on a new album and i think it's gunna be really special. i think we finally found our sound, the sound we were always looking for. it just took time. always does.

- colin


reunion - the xx

one of the greats. if you listen closely you can hear the steel drum that jamie is famous for. easily my favorite instrument.

 - colin



there goes my youth

- colin



there was a napster, there was a limewire, there was a soundcloud... and now today it's all streaming...but there will always be only one itunes. ever since i bought my very first ipod as a kid, i've always dreamt of having music on itunes...and now...here we are. tell these kids to never stop dreaming. 

- colin 


dog fights - lauren rivé

so much talent hidden in undiscovered youth.

- colin   


guess i haven't wrote here in awhile. there's a favorite movie of mine that once said that a writer is just the sum of their experiences...so i guess i needed a break from this screen to go out and get some. i've written a lot of songs over the past few months...happier songs, songs with less pain. I'm not sure if i'll ever get to recording them but i'm glad i can reflect back on my past with a smile.

 - colin


jack of all trades, master of none

- colin