seems like time moves slower most nights. usually finding myself scrambling to decipher my thoughts into words under each moon. often times they just come to be songs or letters that won’t ever see the light of day, so i guess it’s why i don’t blog much anymore. most days it’s still hard to take in how we reached this far... how we followed our dreams and it led us here, doing what we love. i used to feel embarrassed about being in tune with my emotions more than others growing up, but the silver lining was that i found the perfect outlet to express them in. i think maybe that’s why i feel like most of the things i feel and write don’t always have to be shared. i usually get hung up in what could’ve been instead of what will be. but i’ve come to learn it should be natural to revisit the past and turn memories into words that reflect how you feel, regardless if they’re shown to who they are due to. the truth is, everything beautiful comes from a place of broken, and everyone’s past is riddled with mistakes and broken pieces. that’s where the beauty comes in... the fact that all those misshaped, misplaced pieces... will someday find their place in your puzzle. and you won’t be able to solve it... you won’t be able to make out the big picture... until everything, everyone... has fallen into place.

- colin