hey there again. i guess it’s been a while. the last few months almost feel as if they were only a few days. time is such a blessing when you stop counting your days... your minutes... your seconds. time has treated us well. where the light is was received as well as we could’ve ever hoped for and now it’s as if we finally found what we’ve been put on this earth to do. i never thought our message, our vision, would reach this many ears... this many hearts. we’ve been on tour since the start of summer and we’re gunna end up performing across the country. i never thought we’d ever get to perform in front of so many faces, much less sell out our first few stops. there’s something special about getting to share these shows with fans who bring to life the words we’ve been writing all along. it’s as if all of a sudden words become people, people become moments, and moments become memories. forrest and i pretty much turned my car into a tour van and have been driving all over. it almost feels like a movie. we’re gunna live on a lake for the summer and keep on working on this album we started recording in LA a few weeks back. gunna try my best tell you all about it without disappearing again.


talk soon


- colin