woke up to news this morning with a heavy heart. i’ll never forget when i saw mac for the first time live in austin when i was only 16. the internet opened up for him, followed by chance, two of my favorite artists today that i hadn’t even known yet until that night. mac came out to nikes on my feet with so much energy, the room shook. was one of my favorite concerts as a teenager. he may not written about the happiest of things in the past (something i could relate to at the start of my songwriting career), but on his last two albums i could tell he was on a path of redemption and brighter days. his last performances had been so jazzy and joyful… i wish i could’ve continued to see his progression back into happiness and maybe caught one of his shows again. thank you for your creativity and inspiration mac miller… may you rest in peace upstairs with a smile knowing that your artistic presence inspired us all.

- colin