one morning in houston not too long ago, i opened my blinds to what was almost a painting of the sky… so i went to lay at a hill i would always write at and got to catch the colors fall down over the horizon. i brought my uke out there just to jam and write and ended up writing the lyrics for what was to become heaven falls and slipped into some jack johnson after. for some reason that morning i kept messing up the chords to banana pancakes and ended up accidentally falling into a new chord progression that eventually became a separate song, fall on me. when forrest came to visit in houston, he started adding more acoustics to the progression of fall on me, and we made a little one minute track. after recording them separately, we thought the 2 songs' vibes didn’t exactly match, but we had the idea to make a crossover song with them. hearing it today, we wouldn’t have wanted it done any other way. its crazy how it all came together… i’ll never forget that day on that hill. i love those types of mornings… watching the sun rise. it always felt like heaven was falling on me in those moments… so we hope it makes you feel that way too.

heaven falls / fall on me is out now.

- colin