i’ve been in seattle for around a week on what was supposed to be just a bunch of recording sessions with forrest for the second album. we we’re trying to force music out as soon as i got here and ended up realizing that it wasn’t the right way to go about it. with surf, it just seemed to come so naturally... nothing felt forced... we just had a story to tell. now, it just feels like we’re at this make or break point... to where people are actually listening... so what do we really have to say? why are we here? why should the music matter? instead of continuing to force writing and recording... we kind of just put music on pause and ended up experiencing life for a couple of days... feeling the light of day outside. after a few long nights of deep conversation in the houseboat about the good times and the dark times in both of our lives... we found a message worth sharing... something worth writing about. it was like a piece of God was in the studio with us telling us where to go with not only the album... but with our lives. i’ll never forget waking up that next morning. i ended up finishing the album art in the kitchen. i had shown forrest this picture i had been slowly drawing for a few weeks but didn’t know what it meant or what colors to use in it. but that morning... the light came in through the kitchen window... and the color spilled everywhere.

- colin