as she would admit it herself... cooking was never my mom's forte. she was never your stereotypical home-made cook style mom. she may not have had the cookbook on food down, but i'd like to think she wrote the book on my remedies. she always reminded me that in order to learn how to get up, you have to fall down. so when forrest first came to me with the skeleton of low, i connected with the song like crazy. i told him we have to put the pieces together and finish it. for weeks, it was all i could ever think about before i flew to seattle to finish recording it with him. we've always been good at writing songs with each other. even before we started surfaces, it’s like our lyrics were always talking to each other in different perspectives. we might be 1800 miles apart, but we always somehow connect on songs with what we're both feeling at the time. what started as just a song about feeling down, turned out to be a song about acceptance and perseverance. a song that lets people know that it's okay to feel low, it's okay to yell it out. accepting your lows is always the first step, but what you do from there is what will always define you.

low is out now. enjoy.

- colin