in a room full of darkness... i found the light within myself.

 - colin


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we released our first music video today. it was shot on one of the most beautiful days we've seen in seattle. it was special to get film where surf was born. most of the shots in the video were the places where we had hung around in between studio sessions when we we're making surf. i'm glad we were able to capture the beauty of the place that had influenced the album so much. like with surf, i'm really proud with how the video came out... it's something that we'll be able to look back on with nostalgia for the rest of our lives. i wanna thank taylor smith and storm productions for helping us bring the vision we had for this song to life. in a world that's riddled with judgement and hate... we hoped to spread some love and unity with this one. we hope you enjoy.

- colin


as she would admit it herself... cooking was never my mom's forte. she was never your stereotypical home-made cook style mom. she may not have had the cookbook on food down, but i'd like to think she wrote the book on my remedies. she always reminded me that in order to learn how to get up, you have to fall down. so when forrest first came to me with the skeleton of low, i connected with the song like crazy. i told him we have to put the pieces together and finish it. for weeks, it was all i could ever think about before i flew to seattle to finish recording it with him. we've always been good at writing songs with each other. even before we started surfaces, it’s like our lyrics were always talking to each other in different perspectives. we might be 1800 miles apart, but we always somehow connect on songs with what we're both feeling at the time. what started as just a song about feeling down, turned out to be a song about acceptance and perseverance. a song that lets people know that it's okay to feel low, it's okay to yell it out. accepting your lows is always the first step, but what you do from there is what will always define you.

low is out now. enjoy.

- colin


"if all I could do
is spend summer with you
sun kiss the seaside and swim in the waves
i'd make it a movie and put it on loop"




snow kids

- colin


last night was a dream...

- colin


a year's worth of memories and stories. ready to be told.


- colin


made it out here to seattle again to wrap up the album. i feel like i learn so much about myself every time i come here. a home away from home. we built a fire tonight right off the coast and reminisced about the album and where it’s lead us.  i’ll never forget this journey.

- colin



starting to breathe again. 




10.16.16 happy birthday to alive.

- colin



got to see my favorite band again tonight at austin city limits. put some color back in a world that’s been pretty grey for me lately.

- colin


i used to hear the melody of falling in my head every time i saw the face of this one person in my life... even before i had wrote it. one day i was able to decipher it and capture it forever, even if we may never capture our forever in the end.

surf is coming soon.

- colin


all i have is all i’ve lost

- colin



the world will break your heart ten ways to sunday... that's guaranteed. I can't begin to explain that, or the craziness inside myself and everyone else... but maybe these sundays will become my favorite days again.

- colin


"expect sadness like you expect the rain, both, cleanse you"

- colin


this silence is deafening  

- colin


love is like the sun... you think you need it to keep you alive... and eventually you do... you need its shine... you need its warmth... it makes you want to fly up and take it by the hand... but you come to find out the higher you fly... the more warmth you long for... and the warmth you long for... just ends up burning you in the end... to where you never want to get too close... to where you eventually stop flying altogether... but you still need that warmth... but only from a distance... a distance from where you feel safe... only from the ground where you eventually start to forget how to fly and just hope you're warm for the days when it's too cold to bear alone.

- colin




- colin


to all the waves that come and go. to all that is washed away. to all that is washed up and found. to acknowledging the bigger picture. to looking up from these screens. to all the sand castles we created. to all of our kid kingdoms. to all of the footprints we left on the shore. may we never stop running. may we never grow up. may we never stop pretending... surf. an album by surfaces. this fall.

- colin


ever since i came back to texas i can't stop creating. it's like the seattle sessions activated something within me.

- colin