warm interview 5/15/18

colin: so what is this body of work and why should people hear it?

forrest: oh gosh. [laughs.] so basically… it’s my inner person i guess. i feel like when i’m at work or when i went through college and growing up i was always tying to figure out who i was… figure out myself. moving to seattle, living by myself day after day, essentially being in my own head for a year without the distractions or mind clutter of other things going on, this album was an outlet for me to find myself through God. i guess he showed me who i am and what my message is to give to people. it’s kind of like… if i’m here, if i’m living, what’s the thing i wanna leave behind? what’s the message i wanna share? i think a way of starting to answer those questions came from a line in one of these songs, one of the first songs i ever wrote, and the line is: all the best in life are free, so why not me?

colin: and how long ago did you write that song?

forrest: so i wrote it 3 years ago. i’d say a month after i knew i wanted to start making music, i wrote this song on three simple chords. i didn’t know how to produce just yet, but i felt like it was just such a good song that i would wait until i got better.

colin: kind of like, bury it in a time capsule to where you can pick it back up someday.

forrest: exactly. like i didn’t wanna waste it on bad production. it would’ve still been good, but not how it was supposed to be. in no way is this album as big as the movie, but i like to think of it like avatar.

colin: cause it took cameron ten years?

forrest: right, cause he wanted it… but he had to wait ten years for the technology. so yeah… it’s crazy cause that’s not even my favorite song on the project too, which is kinda funny.

colin: what is your favorite song on the project?

forrest: oh gosh, umm…

colin: it’s okay, [laughs.] people ask me all the time about surf and i tell them it’s like picking between kids… cause they’re like your children you know?

forrest: yeah [laughs.] they’re like your babies… dang, but when you asked i was naturally already thinking that it would be sunday’s coming. which i think that’s what i’m going to call it. i might just call it sunday. but yeah, [laughs.] the one about sunday. anyways, the macrothemes are, i want people to take away three things: be encouraged, be happy.. or more so, warm, since that’s the name of the project [laughs.], and third is the biggest kicker since it’s something that i’m really in the studio trying to figure out, which is, to feel those emotions without feeling cheesy.

colin: i feel like everything has to be cheesy at one point in time.

forrest: i could see that. like, when these songs we’re all first being made, i wanted to scrap them because i felt like they we’re too cheesy. as the kicks and the snares came in though, it’s like, oof.

colin: it was like, the start to something deeper.

forrest: yeah, i would say it’s a normal thing to listen to this project and be like, oof… while feeling warm and cozy inside.

colin: yeah it’s always hard to find that balance, but i’m sure you found it. so how long is the project?

forrest: i think it’s around 26 minutes, so nearly 30.

colin: alright then, let’s dive in.

forrest: let’s do it.

. . .

weighing in at 9 tracks heavy, forrest’s debut solo project, warm, sells itself nothing short of a colorful adventure into the bright, unapologetic, happiness-riddled simulation that is forrest’s mind. with a warm, welcoming entrance and a nostalgic exit that makes you never want to leave, forrest creates a seemingly unceasing body of work that encapsulates the ultralight beam of positivity that is his personality, hoping to spread love over a world that is often obsessed with darkness. the entire album reinforces an acoustic, organic vibe that breathes life into each and every song, reinforced with intricate soundscapes and sound fx layering that will make you question reality for a few minutes at a time. with insightful lyrics and infectious hooks, you can’t help but sing along to each vibrant melody that welcomes you in with a smile you can hear through your ears. with immaculate production supercharged by producer and frequent collaborator bisquik, the tier of professionalism earns admiration at every turn. this 26 minute long story could very well be the soundtrack of the summer, and deserves a chance to be experienced at any and every oppurtunity, so put your phone down, throw your feet up, and grab a listen while it’s still warm.

- colin

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band based out of texas made up of colin padalecki, forrest frank, and alexa padalecki.